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The opening ceremony of the Ivan Yarygin 2022 Grand Prix tournament was held

Krasnoyarsk hosted the opening ceremony of the XXXIII International Freestyle Wrestling Tournament among men and women of the Ivan Yarygin Grand Prix series. The motto of this year's opening ceremony is: "Dynasty. You are not alone". This applies both to the history of wrestling and to every athlete who will step up ton the carpet of the Krasnoyarsk Sports Palace.  

For the first time at the ceremony, the audience heard the thoughts of Ivan Yarygin himself about wrestling, about gratitude, about his head coach Dmitry Mindiashvili, about winning, perhaps, his main fight in USSR Championship in 1970. Back then the young wrestler won over the experienced one, became the champion of the country for the first time, gained confidence in his abilities and a ticket to international competitions.  

“This is not just a tournament, it is a tribute to a great man and our compatriot. The tournament has the status of one of the most prestigious freestyle wrestling competitions in the world, and we boldly declare that the heritage of Ivan Yarygin continues, and the dynasty of an outstanding wrestler is gaining new supporters. I am sure that each of the participants of the competition sets a goal to improve their mastership and, of course, to achieve victory!” - said Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Alexei Podkorytov.  

For the first time, a large-scale 360-degree circular LED screen was used at the ceremony. Spectators could watch the author's video installation being at any part of the arena and the best artists of the region contributed to the creative part of the ceremony with their performances.  Also on this day, a traditional flower-laying ceremony was held at the Ivan Yarygin’s monument.

The ceremony was attended by the first vice-president of the Russian Wrestling Federation, vice-president of the international wrestling organization "United World of Wrestling" Natalya Yarygina.  

“I would like to thank you all for your hospitality, for organizing the tournament, well done Krasnoyarsk citizens! Despite everything, we are focused on the future. We want guests to come to our great country, to see our efforts and desire to be together with everyone. It is sport that is the ambassador of peace, it has always been, is and will be. I am sure that the athletes who come to us will show their skills and we will all enjoy the holiday of sports,” Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Sholbaan Valeryevich Kara-ool said.  Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, Hero of the Russian Federation, three-time Olympic champion and nine-time world wrestling champion Alexander Karelin shared his impressions of the Ivan Yarygin tournament-2022.  

“For all wrestlers, this tournament has always been an important test. After the Yarygin’s tournament, the winners and prize-winners get a special ‘mark’ meaning that they have a high chance of winning further - at the European, World, Asian Championships, and the Olympic Games. And as for the city where we have very clear associations with wrestling, for a city where there is an embankment named after Yarygin, where there is a palace also named after Ivan Sergeevich, this is very important. And for the development of breeding tasks, and in order to show foreigners what Siberia is like, what the Krasnoyarsk Territory is like, what its regional center is, which showed the world a genius - Ivan Sergeevich Yarygin. A very good line-up of participants,” said Alexander Karelin. 

28.01.2022 г. Открытие Гран при Иван Ярыгин

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