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Results of the fourth day of the Ivan Yarygin Grand Prix tournament -2022

On the fourth final day of the Ivan Yarygin 2022 Grand Prix tournament, wrestlers were fighting for medals in the weight categories of 74, 86, 92 and 97 kg among men and in the categories of 68, 72 and 76 kg among women.

In the weight up to 68 kg among women Krasnoyarsk athlete, a participant of the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo Khanum Velieva won over the Russian Natalya Fedoseeva and became the only representative of the Krasnoyarsk Territory to win the gold of the tournament. A day earlier, Velieva dealt with the Russian wrestler Tatyana Smolyak and the representative of Kyrgyzstan Nurzat Nurtaeva.

In the weight category up to 97 kg among men Krasnoyarsk athlete, representing the Russian national team, Igor Ovsyannikov won a bronze medal. As part of the consolation round, our wrestler won over Russian fighters David Dzugaev and Soslan Dzhagaev. Another Krasnoyarsk athlete representing the national team, Eric Dzhioev, also claimed for bronze in this weight category. On the way to the fight for the bronze medal, Dzhioev won over the representative of Kazakhstan Bakdaulet Almentai and the Russian Ali Aliyev, but lost to Elizbar Odikadze from Georgia. The winner in this weight became the Olympic champion from the USA Kyle Snyder.

 In total, representatives of the Krasnoyarsk Territory won one gold, two silver and three bronze medals at the tournament. Khanum Velieva (68 kg) - gold, Olga Khoroshavtseva (57 kg) - silver, Ekaterina Isakova (55 kg) - silver, Ruslan Zhendaev (70 kg) - bronze, Dmitry Zaynidinov (79 kg) - bronze. In the team medal standings, the Russian team took first place.

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